5 Best Coffee Shops In Boston MA

Coffee Shops

Coffee does not need a reason or occasion. Be it a warm summer afternoon or a cold winter morning; coffee is the beverage that fits perfectly in any and every situation. A strong cup of coffee can warm you up on a cold day, as much as a glass of iced coffee can cool you down on a hot day. 

Boston, MA, is a bustling city known for its diversity, energy, and vitality. The city is known for education, sports, music and culture. The city’s lifestyle is known for its fast-paced nature and buzz of life. Along with all that, the city of Boston still retains the spirit of a small town with some really beautiful and pleasant neighbourhoods all around the city. 

And in those neighbourhoods are some hidden gems where you can find some exotic coffee shops that can offer you a unique “coffee experience.” From the North End to Boston proper, here are the five best coffee destinations in the city that any coffee lover and first-time visitor in the city must try.

The Five Best Destinations For Coffee In Boston, MA

The Square Root

As trendy as its name is, this one is located in the quaint and beautiful Roslindale Village neighbourhood. The Square Root is a favourite amongst locals for its vibrant atmosphere, along with enjoyable live music and some really good coffee. The place has a unique and modern charm with an inviting and very comfortable environment. 

The cafe also offers live entertainment at night, and you can enjoy their long list of coffee options or even get a glass of wine or pint of beer while enjoying the live music sessions at this place. 

P.S. Gourmet Coffee

This is a very old coffee shop in Boston which is still quite popular and preferred amongst coffee lovers in the city. The place was originally known as Perkin’s Square Deli; the place focused on coffee in the year 2004. The coffee shop is located in the heart of Southie. 

The place is known to be one of the best old-school coffee shops in the area and is known for the delicious and fine coffee blends that are hard to find anywhere else in the region. The old-school ambience with a simple and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect place for people who want to enjoy some good coffee and spend some quiet time alone or happily chatter away with companions. 

Charlestown Tea & Treats 

Located right across from the Charlestown Monument, Charlestown Tea & Treats is a modern and chic coffee shop which has become quite popular in the area. The place has a great ambience and also offers a full breakfast and lunch menu, along with a diverse menu of coffee and tea selections. 

Cafe Vittoria

Located in the middle of the North End in Boston, this cafe is just a couple of minutes away from the historical spot of Paul Revere’s house. The antique coffee shop is popular amongst tourists and locals in Boston. 

Gypsy Place Coffee & Juice Bar

Last but not least, if you are searching for a unique coffee experience, then the Gypsy Place Coffee & Juice Bar is the perfect place. Carrying the soul of the gipsy, this is a hip and trendy place that offers a peaceful, natural and yet very vibrant ambience with some great coffee and food on the menu. 

Ending Note

Those are the five best coffee shops in Boston, and if you are new to Boston, MA or visiting the city on tour, you must definitely try them out.