What You Need to Know About Passive Solutions and Other Freelancing Platforms

When working online, you know that every day entails fighting harder and harder to win projects. Many advantages come along with working online from home. However, people have this misconception that you just wake up every other morning and find an assignment ready for you to attend. They do not know that in their endeavors, freelancers burn the midnight oil taking exams to better their profiles, bid for projects and sometimes work with a couple of clients all at the same time. Nothing comes easily; nonetheless, you need to work smart rather than hard.

There are a couple of websites that have created a platform for both freelancers and employers to meet and have their interests met. Clients get their jobs done with the right freelancer with the required knowledge and skills, and in turn, the freelancer earns by delivering their services. Both parties are required to sign up for an account, and freelancers required to select skills from a pool of disciplines. After their accounts have been verified, they can go ahead and browse through millions of jobs that correspond with their area of expertise and apply, through a process called bidding.

Freelancer, Upwork (formerly called Odesk) and Passive Solutions are some of the top websites that are not only considered genuine but also have stood the test of time, offering jobs to freelancers and solutions to contractors. They all have a large following throughout the world as they have worked so hard to prove themselves legit and professional. Freelancer, for example, boasts of a staggering over 8million users throughout the world, and a couple of millions of jobs being posted throughout the day.

On the other hand, Upwork is yet another freelance giant. Here both the contractor can sign up as a freelancer, create a juicy profile, good enough to interest the prospective employer. They demand that you do a test that corresponds with the skills you have selected, and if you pass, you get the upper hand to win projects. Freelancers who have worked on this platform for long can easily avoid scammer employers.

Passive Solution is also as good and if you are an experienced writer, then here is where you should stick as they are constantly in need of experienced writers. This is a reason that sets this platform apart compared to other sites that offer a myriad of jobs. Writers are assigned a star to differentiate their level of writing. For more details about Passive Solution and other accounts, their selling point, and downside, turn to Passive Solutions @ Medium and after the read, you will be able to make a decision on which platform you should start or advance your career.