Welding machine types. Guide for beginners.

Construction of the car. Building of the facility. Metal works. All those processes are inconceivable without welding. It is impossible to look at it, but the advantage of it is using are clear enough. From this article you will find out about types of metal welding and how to pick up the welding machine for home use.

The first welding was found in the 19th century. However, metal welding has only recently became available for individual use. Today’s market is full of different types of welding machines so it is necessary to deal with bases of this technology and rules. Welding machines devices depending on technology of process, a source of welding current and the ways of a compound of metals:

  1. Manual metal arc. This is widespread type welding machine is used for a welding of carbon (ferrous metals), mounting of the loaded constructions, pipelines and so forth. All operations are executed manually, without use of auxiliary mechanisms. MMA shortcomings — low, in comparison with other types of welding, productivity, and quality of a seam in many respects depends on skills of the welder.
  2. Tungsten Insert Gas — manual arc welding with not melting tungsten electrode in the environment of protective gasses. The principle of operation differs from Manual metal arc that in TIG the firing temperature of an arc is lower than a melting temperature of an electrode and the arc melts only edges of the welded parts.
  3. Plasma Arc Welding — welding by means of plasma stream (ionized by gas with a temperature up to 30 000 °C). Because of complexity of technology, it was usually used in the aviation and jewelry industry, instrument making, etc. However, it is available for the particular customer . Advantages of Plasma Arc Welding are big, in comparison with arc welding, pro-melting depth (at the small volume of fusion), possibility of welding of the different planes and metals of various thickness etc. The stream of plasma can be used also for cutting of metals, and in large volumes. In a line of welding machines separately allocate devices for plasma cutting — plasma cutter (for more information visit Cuts Like Butter). Special requirements for work with such type of welding: high qualification of the operator, need of connection of gasses and cooling liquid.
  4. Contact spot welding is carried out by devices which are called spotters and used for joint of metal sheets. Spot welding is widely used in the industry. This type of welding allows to joint details of small thickness from sheet metal, high efficiency, relative profitability of process. The disadvantages of spot welding are complexity of work in hard-to-reach spots and impossibility of use for the loaded designs.