Ways Brands are Using Instagram to Boost Engagement

By now you have heard of and probably used the popular image-sharing app called Instagram. This app is available for both smartphones and PC and allows you to take pictures, edit them and then share them with other users.

The app started as a social network app, but it has grown into a useful business engagement tool.

So, how are your competitors using Instagram?

Photo Contests

A great option that users have identified to boost engagement and build a great following is to hold photo competitions and encourage their audience to participate. The app is easy to use when coming up with a contest is easy, which means you get a good response without the need to go great lengths.

You need to offer an attractive prize for the winner. Such a competition expands your exposure, especially if the participants share the photos on their pages.

Marketing their Brand

The audience can also use Instagram to market their brands. For instance, you can come up with images detailing the products and services that you offer. These images can be integrated into your social media strategy to take the engagement higher.

Promotion of Events

If you have an event coming up and you need more people to attend, you can promote it on Instagram. You can tie the brand to a specific set of hashtags and invite users to attend the event by using a link placed strategically in your bio.

Using the right hashtag makes it possible to trigger the right conversation among the target.

Behind the Scenes Info

You can make more people check out your account if you show them what goes on behind the scenes. You get to show people what goes on when developing a certain product so that you can make them understand what happens when manufacturing their favorite product.

Showing behind the scenes images also makes the procedure more personal, and takes you closer to your audience.

Automating Tasks

More and more businesses are looking for ways to automate tasks to build a following. One such tool is Social Drift, which makes it easier for you to grow your following organically. You can check at trustadvisor.io to see what other users are saying about this tool.

In Summary

You need to take time to find out what your competitors are doing to get an idea of what to implement on your account for success.