Tips to Help You Adjust Your Paint Sprayer for Killer Paint Jobs

Using a paint sprayer comes with many advantages; well, only if you use the sprayer the right way.  One of the hardest things about using the sprayer is adjusting it to get the best out of it. Here are several tips you can use to adjust the paint sprayer so that you can end up with a perfect paint job.

Set the Air Pressure

The level of air pressure you need depends on the type of job you are performing. Make sure you understand the technical details recommended for the product you want to spray. You can adjust the pressure at two points – the nozzle and the gun. If the manual states that you need to adjust the nozzle by 5 cfm, take care not to adjust the gun by 5 because you will end up with excess orange peel.

Use a Correct Pattern

If your paint sprayer comes with a pattern adjustment, you have the ability to adjust the pattern from a wide fan shape to a small ball. You adjust the pattern depending on the job at hand. If the pattern is not wide enough for the surface, your paint job will have many stripes. Use the small pattern when you are spraying for decoration and a wide pattern when you seek to cover a wide area.

Adjust the Fluid

The fluid adjustment depends on what you are spraying. If you are spraying a clear coat, you need to open the fluid adjustment to maximum so that you get more fluid. For a detailed spray, you need to narrow the adjustment.

Perform a Test Run

Once you have set all the various adjustments, you need to test the sprayer to find out if it does what you need it to do. If you spray and the result isn’t what you want, go ahead and adjust some more. You need to make your spray gun work for you. Make sure the adjustments suit your painting technique as well. With enough practice, you will get the settings right and you will be able to know which adjustments fit which type of job. Getting the right paint sprayer from Paint Smoothly allows you to set adjust a wide variety of options.

Final Words

You can get the best spray job depending on the way you adjust your painter. Make sure you have the right air pressure, pattern and fluid flow. Before you can get into the task, perform a test run to see what results to expect, then adjust some more.