The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Automation

Instagram attracts a huge number of active users for many reasons. Its popularity and high levels of engagement have caught the eye of many businessmen who use it as a marketing channel for their brands. For some, the time needed to create coherent content and engage with followers is a lot. Hence, some users have turned to automation. Automation involves the use of a bot that mimics human engagement.

The software can be scheduled to auto-comment or auto-like other user’s posts. However, it is against Instagram’s policies to use some of these bots and they have even gone ahead to make a statement by banning accounts deemed to use such bots. Whereas automation can save you time, you need to have an understanding of how it works and have a well-thought strategy. You can find more information on this page or continue reading to get a grip on what you need to know;


A bot does not entirely replace you, it only interacts with other people on your behalf. Your Instagram account should be well designed and exhibit an attractive first impression. It should also have a continuous feed of unique, value adding, and delightful content. If you already have a great account, the bot only needs to be programmed rightly to allow more people to discover your account, which would be hard through manual interactions.

Get the Right bot

Bots are readily available with numerous sites claiming to have the best for your Instagram account. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for one that is effective, easy to use, and offers more functionality. Also, find a bot that offers the kind of automation features you need.

Stick to Automating Likes

Likes only show up on your activity feed, hence, they are not intrusive and can hardly create any ill-feelings with other users. In fact, most people are happy and content to get extra likes on their posts even if they are from strangers. Considering that some people still take a peek at their activity feed to see who liked their posts, automated likes are likely to get your Instagram account discovered by new potential followers.

Therefore, endeavor to program a bot that creates the most opportunities to get your account discovered through likes. With a well-designed account as mentioned earlier, there is every likelihood of being followed by anyone who taps on your username.

Avoid Automating comments or Follows

Engagement on Instagram needs to have a personal feel that creates some emotional connection. Your comments should be relevant to the post you are commenting on, otherwise, your interaction will be unpleasant. It’s easy to get flagged as a spam account if you create animosity with other users as a result of misplaced or irrelevant comments.  For instance, someone may post a disturbing story that naturally inspires sympathy, and your comment reads “Awesome” or “Great Shot”.

Therefore, avoid automating comments as you are more likely to make irrelevant or misplaced comments on peoples posts. Your comments and follows on Instagram can only build positive interactions if they seem organic and genuine.