When it comes to kitchen appliances, today you can expect to find just about anything you can think of. Appliances to help you cook huge meals at a fast speed, appliances which will automatically adopt a certain temperature or speed throughout their work, and even meal or serving specific kinds of appliances. If you are known to enjoy a good smoothie on a regular basis, and you know it for a fact that you won’t be making larger batches, why not get yourself a single serve smoothie maker?

It makes sense if you want to make your own smoothies

It is a good idea to get one of these, only if you intend to use them for making smoothies for yourself. Other than that, you are probably going to be better off with a regular blender. A single serve smoothie maker is designed perfectly to successfully create one glass of the refreshing beverage. They are considerably smaller than your regular countertop blender, and another thing that characterizes them is the significantly lower amount of wattage. You can’t expect this to be too powerful, but for what they are worth, they are certainly going to get the job done.

They are still worth it

Not everyone wants a full-scale blender just to make a smoothie for a single person. This kind of an appliance makes perfect sense if you are going to be making iced drinks on a fairly frequent basis. Although they might seem small and cute at first glance, these little monsters can perfectly blend everything from frozen berries, to chunks of fruit and even ice. The big advantage of getting one of these for personal use is that you will generally be able to expect to pay less for them. While you can’t expect any of these products to be as reliable and high-powered as the regular blenders, you can still expect to get your money’s worth out of them.

Don’t expect to get a lot of power

They don’t take up a lot of space, which is another advantage. Most of them have a fairly thin and small build, to the point where they can also be carried around and be used in different situations. Keep in mind that not every single serve blender out there can successfully crush ice. Obviously, this is a must for making a good smoothie, so be sure that the blender you have chosen will be able to handle a bit of ice. The only disadvantage of buying one of these models is the fact that you will most certainly be dealing with less power than you would be used to when working with full-blown blenders. Don’t have to do some research on the blenders of this kind, to see if they would be something you would enjoy or need. A low price and the general abundance can help you easily locate the best single serve smoothie maker in no time.