Simple Tricks To Boost Your PC’s Speed

It can be very frustrating when operating a slow computer when customers are waiting. The today’s customer is time-conscious and demands only the best services at all times. Most people visit an online store to search for a new PC once the old starts to be slow. Do not worry if your computer is sluggish because there are simple tips that can help you boost your PC’s speed.

Delete the Temporary Files

Such files take a good bit of your disk space and will pile up every day until your computer becomes slow. Clearing cookies and internet history is a significant boost to your machine speed. Delete these files on a regular basis to ensure that the disk has enough space all the time.

Uninstall Unused Programs

A new computer will come with a load of programs which most people never use. You might not even realize that some of these programs all there and occupying important space on your machine. There are those that run in the background the moment you switch on the PC. You need to check on the control panel and uninstall all those programs that you do not use. Be careful not to touch those that the computer’s hardware needs. You can also use specialized software to identify the applications that are not useful on your computer.

Maintain a Healthy Disk Space

You PC will be slow if you use more 85% of the total disk space. It does not matter whether the disk space is 2TB or more. You can use external back-ups such as flash drives or hard drives to store crucial data. You can also replace the current drive with another one with large capacity.

Use Recommended Software

Counterfeit applications can slow your system because most are incompatible. If you use Windows operating system, buy a genuine activation key from vendors such as to keep your computer safe.

Fix more RAM

Random Access Memory is the storage memory that your PC’s uses when executing different tasks. If your computer runs many programs at a time, you shall need a high RAM. If your computer slows down when you try to process large files, then you need a bigger memory. Some models with two or more memory sticks which allow one to expand the RAM.

Boosting the computer’s speed does not have to be an expensive affair. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and install an up-to-date antivirus.