Overcoming Insomia with the use of Relaxation mask

Many people suffer from insomnia which is also known as circadian rhythm disorder. People who suffer from insomnia find it so difficult to fall asleep easily and lots of medical treatment has been used to treat this disorder.

In this post am going to discuss a natural way to overcome the insomnia but before that lets look at some things that can causes sleeplessness.

Stress is one of the factors that lead to sleeplessness. Worries about your health, family and work can keep you restless and affect your sleep. Studies shows that those who eat very late at night also find it difficult to sleep while your work schedule also lead to insomnia for those who work late at night or have early shift.

The use of Relaxation Masks Which is also referred to as a sleep mask is the natural approach to overcome sleeplessness. The relaxation mask is designed in a way to keep the two eyes away from light thereby inducing a state of total darkness. The mask comes with an elastic strap which helps to hold it firmly on your head as the sleeping process get started.

How effective is the use of relaxation mask?

This method has been used for years with numerous numbers of products to help people who have sleep disorder regain their strength to fall asleep easily.

How does this work?

There is a hormone in the brain that is responsible for inducing sleep and it is called melatonin. This is secreted the moment your brain receives impulses from the eyes that there is darkness.

When your eyes are still exposed to light, this will delay the secretion of melatonin in the brain but with the use of this mask, your eyes will be deprived of light and this will improve your chance of falling asleep.

Let’s take a look at some of the best relaxation mask that can help you to sleep

Dreamer sleep mask

This relaxation mask is made from cotton and it has elastic strap to hold it firm to your head, it is very soft and flexibly designed to improve your sleep.

Sweet dreams sleep mask

This relaxation mask is efficient in preventing the eyes from the light, leading to the stimulation of the sleep hormone called melatonin to improve sleep. This relaxation mask is soft, flexible and it is not expensive.

Escape Luxury relaxation mask

This might be a bit expensive compared to other relaxation mask because it is made from quality cotton, it has soft earplugs and on the inside an eye mask crate to prevent your eyes from the mask. This mask prevents your eyes from the light to enhance you to fall asleep very fast, it is soft, flexible and this makes it most travelers’ choice.


If you have difficulty in sleeping and you don’t support the idea of using drugs, I will suggest that you use this natural means through the utilization of a relaxation mask to overcome sleeplessness.