Instagram Marketing Tips For Service Providers

Marketing is an art and not many people have mastered it and that is why you find many people outsourcing to experts. There are a lot of misconceptions about digital marketing and most people think that all they need is an internet connection and they are good to go. The approach you use when you are selling physical products and services will be totally different. With physical goods, you can take photos and videos and post them for all to see. You cannot do the same when you are online coach or banker. The following are Instagram marketing tips for service providers.

    1. Post user-generated content

Potential customers want proof that you can offer the services to their satisfaction. You can only achieve this when you have past customers who can testify that you can do it. Consult these past customers before you use their reviews and comments on your Instagram especially when you want to use their pictures. Post such content once in a while and keep reviewing and prioritize on the most recent reviews. Ensure that you tag these followers when you use their content as this raises your reputation. Do not use fake reviews just to pimp your profile because it is unethical.

    1. Take images and videos during service delivery

A picture of a smiling customer can send the right message and win some business for you. Not all people will be comfortable when you use their images and you should thus consult people before your posts go live. Record a short video and take people through the service delivery process and create a connection with your followers. Take advantage of Instagram stories to make your posts visible for a long time, unlike other posts that get faced off as new ones stream in. Ensure that you take high-quality shots or even hire a professional to do it on your behalf.

    1. Automate some functions

Serving people requires concentration but Instagram can be a notorious distraction. You may be tempted to click every story that comes on your feed and before you note if you have lost a lot of time. You can leave some of the tasks to a bot and only use Instagram in areas that require personal interaction. Free Your Spinehas a collection of some of the best bots that you can use irrespective of your end goals. Ensure that you review every automation tool before adopting because some might land you in trouble.