Important Factors You Should Consider While Buying the Right Plasma Cutter for You

Plasma cutter is used for cutting steel and other such metals. From small workshops to the large commercial sites, a plasma cutter can be a very useful tool. It makes cutting of thick materials very easy and accurate.

Without much labour involved, the professionals involved in daily metal cutting can accomplish their work in very less time. These days, with the advent of new technologies, plasma cutters are also greatly improved by new and modern designs offering the Cuts Like Butter.

Among so many options, you might get confused on which type of plasma cutter can best accommodate your requirements. In that case, the following guide will help you!

Cutting speed of different plasma cutters

While looking for one, the cutting speed of plasma cutter is an important factor to think of. Make sure to know the thickness of the metal you want to cut and the cutting speed you want. Some of the plasma cutters offer the following cutting quality.

  • Quality cut – Plasma cutter rated with a Quality cut offers good quality cutting. They are able to cut thick materials in a bit longer time.
  • Rated cut – The rated cut cutters offers the best quality cut out there. It is normally used for cutting lesser thick steel at maximum cutting speed. Since the metal is thinner, the cut is clean and smooth.
  • Sever cut – The sever cut rated plasma cutters are able to cut even the materials with maximum thickness, but they require more time. The cuts are generally of lower quality and needs post-cutting clean up.

Duty Cycle

One should even consider the duty cycle of plasma cutter while buying one. If you want to use it frequently, but not continually for longer period, you should buy the plasma cutter on the basis of maximum amperage output.

The plasma cutter with maximum amperage output will definitely have more duty cycle as compared to the model having less amperage rating. However, if you want to buy a plasma cutter for continuous use, make sure to buy it depending on average thickness of materials you are going to deal with.

Plasma cutters are available in a wide array of price ranges. After all, you get what you pay for! However, make sure to identify your requirements before choosing the model.

To conclude, plasma cutters make metal cutting a lot of easy and hassles free. Make sure to go through the specs and components of the plasma cutter to ensure that it would cater your cutting needs.