Selling a car in London can be quite a problematic activity. Even with all the millions of people who live in the city, it can be quite hard to get that person who will purchase a used car. It is quite ironic when one thinks about it. No wonder some of the most common searches on Google go something like ‘how to sell my car London’ or ‘tips on how to sell my car very fast in London’. There are thousands of ways of selling a car but some people just want to do the activity privately. Here are some guidelines that might come in really handy.

Getting ready to put the car on the market

The buyers will always want to inspect the merchandise before they can agree to make their purchase. It therefore goes without saying that the car must be looking its finest even before one decides to put it up on the market. First make sure that the car is very clean by having it washed inside and out- thoroughly. Those with pets should get rid of any evidence that the pet has ever made it into the car. Bad odors and cigarette smoke tend to be quite nasty and thus should be eliminated as well.

No one will want to purchase a car with scratches on the paint, dents or cracks on the windows and wind shield. These are among the most noticeable things whenever one is inspecting the car from outside. In other words, if the car has to go through some major make over then the seller should make sure they take it for the fixing.

Finally, all the paperwork that will be necessary for the car transfer should be collected well in advance. Some of the items that buyers always request for when buying a used car include the service history, MOT certificate and of course the V5C registration certificate. If receipts are available for any works done on the car are available they can be use to prove that the car was really cared for.

Advertising the car

There are only thousands of ways one can advertise their car for sale. The local newspaper is a good place but then again who reads newspapers nowadays? It is expensive and the chances of the ad being missed by a reader are very higher. There are the ‘free ad’ papers that will cut on the price but then there are also thousands of people advertising their cars as well. The internet is the best place to advertise a car nowadays.

People also put notices up in local shop windows as well as on the windows of the car being sold. Some of these options will definitely need one to pay fee. In the advert all the relevant information should be present and in the most accurate way possible. It is against the law to mislead the buyers. Posting an ad on the classified sites is a way to get more people to check out the vehicle in a very short time.