How to Grow Your Levels of Instagram Engagement The Right Way

Instagram has made marketers everywhere to sit up and notice. Relatively new, this platform has gives marketers the chance to get their voices hard, without any costs at all. The platform boasts of over 800 million active users with the highest rate of engagements compared to any other social media platform.

This makes the platform insanely attractive to marketers who are trying g so hard to connect with their audiences. If you have been on Instagram fro sometime, you know that the engagements just don’t come by sitting around and doing nothing.

We want to look at Instagram engagement, and how you can get more without breaking your back, and possibly your fingers while at it.

Use Bold Colors

There is nothing as great as standing out from the crowd. Many users will be following hundreds of other people and businesses, many that they trust. Getting through all these brands and people isn’t easy, unless you stand out.

Studies show that images with a single bold color gets more likes than those without a dominating color. Make sure that the images you post feature a strong shade of a dominant color so that they can pop out of newsfeeds.

Incorporate Calls to Action

Just like any other marketing strategy, if you are looking for results, you need a strong call to action, otherwise called CTA. You might manage to redirect users to your landing page, but without a strong call to action, you won’t get any conversions. The CTA tells people what to do, for instance if a user is looking for a laptop or laptop bags, he needs to get encouraged to buy or sign up for something.

Let Discussion Rule

One of the ways to grow your level of engagement is to request your users to join the discussion. The discussion ought to be amongst the users themselves while you moderate or contribute where possible. Once you get a few comments on your post, the comment fee takes it up and attracts more comments. Once the discussion sets off, you can involve yourself as a brand or engage the users directly. You can do this manually or as Spire says, use some form of automation to achieve the results you need.

In Closing

To take your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level, you need to increase your levels of engagement. You can do this by following these tips to the latter.