How To Gain More Followers On Instagram As A Radio Presenter

Radio presenters play a very important role in today’s world as they entertain and feed us with news on a daily basis. They are among the most influential people in the society and most of them command huge followings on various social media platforms. People can now see the faces behind the voice a thing that was unheard off in the past. One of the platforms that these professionals are flocking is Instagram as it appeals to people across all generations. Gaining followers may not be that simple even if you are a star. The following are essential tips on how to get more followers as a radio presenter

Be Trendy

People do not need to listen to news reporting things that happened four months ago unless you are running a special show. Know what is trending and report on that and make sure that you feed your followers with fresh content. Search for trending hashtags and make sure that you use them in a creative way. You can use as many hashtags as possible but do not let them obstruct your messages. You can check out how to hide hashtags here but still make your posts relevant and reach more people.

Record the best parts of your show

Your listeners might not always be there to listen to your show but you can still preserve the best parts for them. Record a clip of your show on a daily basis and post it on your Instagram account for people to listen. You can then put a link to the whole show on your bio and give those who never had the chance an opportunity. Respond to the queries and keep the followers engaged and make it fun being at your timeline. Take advantage of the Instagram stories as they are more visible than the normal posts.

Work with influencers

Do not be blinded by your fame and think that you do not need other people to succeed in this space. Social media influencers play a very crucial role in mobilizing listeners and keeping your followers engaged. Request them to share a post just before you go live and remind people to tune in. Tag them in your posts and request them to share your graphics as well. Select one or two who are good at media management and you will be good to go. You can work out a payment plan with them but just ensures it is worth it.