Getting the Best Headshots in New York

Headshots are very imperative for actors and people in the corporate world.  As an actor, you will be required to attach a recent headshot that captures every detail about yourself on your resume.  The photographer doing your headshots should be competent always to deliver the best headshots and portraits to help you build your career.  For actors based in New York City, the best professional in the photography industry is Jamiya Wilson who has a long time experience in producing the most outstanding headshots.  He loves photography and has a lot of passion for it than any other thing in his life. Jamiya’s love for photography led him to join Full Sall University where he obtained high training on how to deliver impressive headshots to customers. He later attended The Academy of Art University located in San Francisco where he received his M.F.A majoring in photography. His academic excellence and training in photography have enabled him to compete with renowned photographers who have been in photography for an extended period.

He gets motivated by the animations and visuals he experiences when attending a cinema to deliver quality services to actors and professionals.  Jamiya was born and raised in Jackson, MS, and since his childhood, he has always wanted to be in the photography industry. His interest in photography has always inspired him to learn about the latest cameras and other machines that can improve the quality of headshots and portraits that he delivers to his esteemed clients.  To produce the best photos he mastered all the skills that make an excellent photographer, and he has understood how light can affect the quality of a portrait or headshot.

As a corporate leader, a headshot is vital in helping you to brand yourself and be able to reach more potential clients.  A headshot helps people to identify you with ease and differentiate you from other business leaders offering similar services. Working with an experienced headshot expert like Jamiya assures you that the headshot will serve its intended purpose in the best way. He delivers his work with diligence, and this trait has given him a lot of business and referrals that have enabled him to grow very fast in his career.  Your photographer should be keen to learn about the latest advancements in photography to deliver great photos that can help you to push your brand into the market.  Every business leader has a unique branding identity, and the headshot you put out in the public domain should be of high quality to attract more buyers to buy your goods or services. To be right on your headshots in New York always work with Jamiya.