5 Ways to Boost Your Follower Count on Instagram

It is now 2018, a new year that brings along new trends. On Instagram, you also have to follow trends, so to learn new ways to boost your follower count, just read further.

#1: Make a Great Impression

You might ask, “How do I make a great impression on Instagram?” To begin with, there are a number of ways in which you can do that. For starters, you can improve the aesthetics of your feed and, for another, you can enhance that profile of yours to make it more complete. By doing both of these, you can produce a consistent brand story through both your aesthetic and profiles, which can transform those visitors into loyal followers.

#2: Tell Inspiring Stories

Instead of just focusing on the individual quality of your posts, you can improve their overall connection with each other. By ensuring that each post continues through the next, you can tell stories to your audience. And did you know that Instagram stories can improve the chances of you gaining more followers?

#3: Come Up With Better Hashtags

If your hashtags are not selling hot, it might be time for you to utilize new ones. Try to make your hashtags more varied, since people prefer it if you were more creative and less “spammy.” A good way is to sort them according to categories, such as one for specific products and services.

#4: Cater to a Wider Audience

If you were narrowing your audience in the past and did not get much out of it, then it might be time for you to cater to a wider audience. By doing so, you may lessen your specificity but you make up for it in quantity, and that means more chances of grabbing followers.

#5: Outsource Your Marketing

You are not alone in this battle to winning more followers, and as such, you can outsource your Instagram marketing to other services. To make it simple, these services handle the work of increasing your followers for you. A good example of which is social envy, which you can read more about at https://incomeartist.com/social-envy-review-outsource-instagram-marketing/.


Now that it is 2018, it might be best for you to take your Instagram marketing further by following these new ways of increasing your followers. Start by making a great impression, telling stories, coming up with better hashtags, catering to a wider audience, and perhaps choosing to outsource your marketing.