2-In-1 Rice And Slow Cookers

Most rice cookers are high quality appliances which provide superior cooking, but the ones made from clay are ideal for cooking rice, stews and even soup. This material can absorb the heat produced during the cooking process and retain it for long periods of time.

Versatile machine

Rice cookers made from clay are versatile devices that can be used to cook brown or white rice, soups and stews. All types of rice need an even, constant cooking temperature in order to preserve a fluffy texture and not stick to the bottom. The ability of maintaining steady temperatures, as well as the low thermal conductivity feature make these devices ideal for both rice and slow cooking.

Healthy cooking

Apart from delivering tasty foods with rich flavor and texture, rice and slow cookers also ensure that every meal you cook is free of chemicals and aluminum. They provide a non-stick surface which is not glazed in harmful materials, so that you can enjoy a healthy way of cooking. Unlike frying, the process of stewing lets you enjoy healthier, low fat dishes.

Try different recipes

Preparing a large variety of delicious recipes can be easier than ever with rice and slow cookers that can be used for Mexican, Italian and even Asian dishes. These devices come with features that help you select the proper cooking time for each recipe. You can try cooking healthy ingredients such as brown, white and wild rice mixes, oatmeal, black beans, beef stew, chicken fricassee, split pea or lentil soup.

You can add the selected ingredients into the device, turn it on and enjoy your free time while they are being cooked. You can even go out with your family if you know that the dish you are preparing requires a longer cooking time. Moreover, make sure to visit http://www.ricecookersportal.org/ if you need reviews and prices of different rice cooker types.